Saturday, May 1, 2010

FINISHED HEADBOARD go to first post to follow directions titled HOW TO MAKE upolstered covered headboard

I apologize for the reverse order of these instructions. SCROLL DOWN TO THE FIRST ENTRY... HOW TO MAKE A COVERED HEADBOARD AND GO BACKWARDS...

Here is the completed headboard. I did add a nice RIBBON on the inside edge between the polka dot and the turquoise fabric. I will post a picture when I have one from the completed bedroom design...


Another View. You can see how I folded the right edge and tucked it under. This gave the corner a nice mitered edge. Continue this technique around the entire headboard.

Depending where you place the headboard, you may want to cover the back with a matching piece of fabric. Since this one was placed against a wall, I did not have to worry about that...

Position Fabric and Upholstery Strip

Now place the outside contrast fabric face down and the edge of the fabric next to the noodle edge as shown in the previous picture. Place the upholstery cardboard strip on top of the contrast fabric. Staple through the cardboard. The next steps is almost like wrapping a package. Flip the contrast fabric towards the outside edge of your headboard. Neatly fold, tuck and staple the contrast fabric to the underside of the headboard...

Cut Edge Strips of Fabric

Cut the contrast edge strips of fabric so that they will cover the noodle edge with enough to wrap around the underside of the headboard. Piece lengths of fabric together if necessary..

Upolster Edging Tape Picture...

You can find this at your local fabric store in the upholstery section. This will give and hold the edge fabric in place. It is the finishing touch needed for a clean, crisp edge.

Trim Fabric

After stapling the entire decorator fabric in the edge of your headboard next to the noodles, trim, trim trim.

Prepare Outside Fabric for placement

If your fabric is not large enough, cut and sew pieces of fabric together so that the fabric is larger than the entire headboard. Lay the entire piece of decorator fabric over your headboard and smooth for stapling. Staple in the edges next to your noodle piece...

Cover Batting and Noodles with Lining Fabric

For a smooth transition to the completed headboard, cover the entire headboard with lining fabric.... Pull the fabric tight, staple in the edges to hold. Pull the fabric over the noodles allowing excess fabric to overhand your headboard as shown:

More view of the Headboard

More Views...

View of prepared headborad... Ready to Cover

Here is the ready to cover headboard....

Cut Pool Noodles in half and size for gluing on headboard

Then next step is to border the headboard with the pool noodles. Take a serrated knife and cut them in half. Be careful not to cut yourself, they are very easy to cut. Position the noodles around the headboard, cut to the desired length and glue them on with a HOT GLUE GUN. If you want, you can place a few staples on the edges of the noodle.

HOW TO MAKE upolstered covered headboard

A friend asked me to cover a headboard for her 18 year old daughter. They picked the fabric! Fun bright turquoise and black and white polka dot accent fabric.... Supplies need... 3/4 inch plywood cut to the headboard design.. fabric, staple gun (electric if possible), upholstery cardboard strips, batting.. Believe it or not. I used POOL NOODLES the kind you float with.. for the half round edging around the headboard.

Step 1: Cut the Headboard to the desired design.

Step 2: I then covered and stapled the inside area with batting. Use enough to satisfy a nice loft.