Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Craft Fair preparation!

About three weeks of work/part-time: Handbags, cut, pinned, sewn, ready to assemble... just need to finish lining, pockets and zipper and snap closures... it can be overwhelming if you think of it...

Completed Ziplets and a few handbags>>>>>>>>>

My husband's
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and a little

Okay this is my first craft fair. I have no idea what to expect...

Location and time: Fort Adams State Park, Newport, Rhode Island: July 3rd, 2010... 11 to 5

My husband built me a lovely display in addition to the craft table that I will have... At first I thought I would just have a triangular peg board display that I would place on the table... So off to Home Depot to buy a piece of peg board. A 4 x 8' piece is $14.00. With scrap wood around the house and three wheels, this beautiful display was born.. My husband is adding molding to the corners and in addition, there is room to put items on the top too! He has not finished it yet... HE WANTS EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT lol..., he has to finish the molding and he will paint the top molding white match the pegboard. A few hooks here and there and I am ready to go. It's a great space saver too.. if you only have a small area to display your items... I have just about 4 weeks to go... I am pacing myself...

I made 60 Ziplets (pattern and fabrics available in both my shops and already and about 20 handbags..... As sewers know... you have to do everything in stages... 1 day I spend a few hours cutting the fabric and interfacing. ....if I have time... I pin everything... then walk away..... you get too tired to do anything else at this point....The Ziplets took about a week and half to make.... (remember, I have a full time job too)... Weekend cutting and night sewing.... I had this week off for vacation and thought I would get a lot done... not the case... life gets in the way sometime...... I probably will be able to make about 10 handbags this week... in between friends and family asking for summer orders....and a few curtain jobs too! Where does the time go...


Kathy said...

Linda....good for you. I did my first craft faire last December. I was a wreck. I made some good $$ tho. Good luck to you. Are you thinking of maybe putting together some kits? or their choice of a free pattern with fabric bundles? Any kind of freebie....I had candy canes with my card tied on. Whatever!! Keep us all posted.

AggieRay said...

Great ideas Kathy! The free pattern with fabric is a good idea too! Thanks as always....

Estylo Jewelry said...

Wow, that's amazing. I just had my first craft show as well. I made way too many items since people were actually not buying and it was a small place. But I learned and for next time I know I don't need to stress that much :)
Good luck on your show, I'm sure you will have success since your handbags are so beautiful!

Kathy said... a post about the craft fair. How did you do? Did you have fun?

Daniela said...

Hi Linda,

I'm Daniela and I;m contacting you on behalf of We visited your blog and your Etsy Shop and we noticed you have a downloadable pattern for sale at
We found your work very nice and we have a special invitation for you.
Do you have any email address that I can send you more information about it?
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Hope to hear back from you soon!

Dani Almeida

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

wow, your creations are lovely...great work...headed to check out your Etsy...have a super weekend!

enjoy *~*