Saturday, September 13, 2008

Being Featured in a Blog:

Okay. I know my BLOG is lacking in content. I have been doing a few interview and I thought I would post my latest interview on my own BLOG. Here is my latest interview:

Interview by Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hello, my name is Linda and I live in Rhode Island. I have been sewing since I was a teenager and I have always loved the creative process of creating beautiful items from fabric. After I purchased my first home, got married and had two children, I began sewing for my home to save money. Friends and family began to ask me to create custom work for their homes and I have created many curtains, draperies and roman shades. With the left over fabric, I began to have more fun creating handbags. I love fabric and creating new items with all the beautiful fabrics available through the world of the Internet.
How did you select your shop's name?
My shop name is a tribute to my parents. I lost my parents when I was 17 and 21. They were truly beautiful and caring people and their lives were cut short too soon. So, Aggie is my mother’s name and Ray is my father’s name, hence the name AggieRay.
What color would you wear all the time? You would not know it from looking at my colorful shop, but I like to where basic colors of brown and black. I then accent with a colorful shirt or purse!
Please describe your creative process.
My creative process starts with the fabric. Before I decide to make a handbag, I need to love the fabric. So before I buy fabric, I need to love it. I try to create 2 to 3 handbags a week. I have a process of laying the fabric out and just looking at it over the course of a few days. Then I decide what style best fits the fabric design and I create!
What makes your shop unique?
My shop is unique because I offer many different fabrics and styles of handbags. Most of my handbags are one-of-a kind!
What inspires you?
Good-quality colorful fabrics inspire me. Beautiful fabrics and textures allow me to create gorgeous items for my shop.
How do you promote your work?
I pass out business cards, carry my handbags, post in forums, my blog, FLICKR. I create quality handbags and take care in each and everyone, so repeat business is always good! Also being featured on great BLOGS like yours!
Any advice for fellow artists and/or our shop/blog?
Don’t give up creating. Do not get obsessed with what other people are doing. Be true to yourself and your art. Be positive, caring and giving and things will come your way.
Would you please tell us about 3 ETSY stores that you most like and why?
These are just a few of my favorites. They’re great shops with excellent quality fabrics and creations!. The ETSY community supports each other and even though they may be a competitor, they have been very supportive during my first 6 months on ETSY. Shops:


Terri said...

It was nice to read about another Rhode Islander! I enjoyed your interview very much!!

Terri said...

You have been tagged! Check out my blog to see what that means!