Sunday, February 7, 2010

Easy Light Box

Steps for an easy light box.


2 Paint Cans (new or old can be purchased at local hardware store)

3 2" x 6' pine (local hardage cheap a couple of dollors)

3 Clamp Work Lights (approxmate local hardware store)

1 package of quick cement

large tracing paper to fit your frame

2 saw horses or a stand or object to put your poster board on

2 to 3 sheets of foam board for your background or whatever you choose.

Plastic Cloths Frame (purchase at walmart to keep cloths in) remove cover and there is your frame

First Step: Make a stick in a can: Mix the cement in a separate container using the direction on package (just adding water). Place 2" x 6' piece of pine in the can and pour cement into the can. Place stick on the side of the inside of the can not in the middle. Let harden overnight. These are great to use for many projects that you need to clamp items to.. they don't fall over.

Second Step: Believe it or not. You may look around your home and find many things to use as a frame. I used a plastic frame that was used for hanging clothes. The frame had a zipper dust free cloth over it. I removed the cloth... and there is my frame. Be creative and look around to see what you can use.

Third Step: Place your stick in the can to the left and right of your frame. Take 1 2" x 6' piece of pine and clamp to the tops of both the stick in the cans. See photo.

Fourth Step: Place saw horses between the frame and place poster board on the frame. Clamp the work lights to the left, right and top of the frame on the 2" x 6' pine as shown.

Fifth Step: Attach tracing paper to the outside of the frame WITH THE LIGHTS ON so that you can see shadows, etc.

Sixth Step: Adjust the lighting to suit your needs. The clamps can be adjusted and moved to the desired spot.

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