Sunday, February 7, 2010


1. Frame for the light box. I used a clothing frame used to store clothing. These can be purchased at Walmart, Target, etc. Put the frame together and do not use the cloth cover. Look around to see what other clever objects can be used.

2. 3 two" x six foot pine boards.

3. Three clamp lights purchased at local home improvement store.

4. Quick Cement!

5. 2 empty paint cans. New empty ones can be purchased at home improvement store.

6. Post Board for base and background.

7. Tracing paper, as large as you can find. Tape.

8. Two saw horses, box or small table for your base.Follow the steps below. First I made the sticks in the can with the cement, let dry overnight. I had my frame already put together. Place in your permanent location. Place the stick in the cans to the right and left of the frame.
Attach the 6 foot pine to the two sticks in a can.
Place the saw horses or box inside the frame. Place the foam core on top of saw horses or box.
Clamp work lights to the frame.
Tape tracing paper to the frame with the lights on. Avoid placing any tape in the light line to avoid lines and shadows.
Fun and Easy Light Box

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