Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mara Clutch PDF Tutorial

I love creating something that looks difficult to make at first glance, however, it is very simple to make.  I have been working this pattern for a couple of months now and it is near completion.  I usually make a design and if I love it, I want to share the "love". 

The steps to write a pattern can be lengthy.  I want to make sure I have correctly listed the steps in an easy to follow manner with pictures taken for every step in the pattern.  The pattern pieces are computer drawn and I have to check and double check for accuracy.  Sometimes when a pattern is started, I make several changes along the way so that they are quick and easy for the maker.

I hope you enjoy this pattern.  These make wonderful wedding party gifts and have endless fabric combinations.  The pleated flap can have many different looks depending on the design of the fabric chosen. I have used floral, chevron and paisley prints all resulting in completely different looks.  Brooches can be added for weddings too!  Have fun with this one.  Enjoy!  HAPPY SEWING.... The pattern will be available in my shop on Etsy shortly...

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